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Hi, I’m TK. I record clean, high quality, voiceovers that you can actually afford because I love to see businesses and creators succeed. That’s why I’m really proud of the fact that my prices are low and my product is great.  Plus, I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


Recorded as high quality .wav files.


Recorded in a professional studio environment.


Clean sounding voiceovers perfect for any purpose.


Full commercial and broadcast rights every time.


Fast turnaround for those last minute projects.

VOICEOVERS for ANY project

I enjoy recording wide range of voiceover styles. From narrating books to reading for suspenseful short-films, I bring my best to your project every time.

Audio Book Narration

Short Film Voiceovers

Podcast Openers

Voicemail Recordings

Ad Voiceovers

Character Voiceovers

Presentation Voiceovers

Video Game Voiceovers

More about me

My name is TK Dennis, and I have done professional voiceovers for many years. I love doing what I do, and it’s important to me that I always get your affordable male voiceover just right! You can check me out on social just so you know I’m a real person. Also, make sure you check out my daily motivational “TK Talks” as well.

When I’m not doing voiceover work, I’m working on one of a million projects, trying to help and motivate others, or trying to get my hands on the latest and greatest tech.





The more time you give me, the more money you save. As always, I’ll get my work to you as fast as I can, but I must charge a higher fee to fit a guaranteed turnaround into my schedule. 🙂

7 Days 3 Days 24 Hours
30 Words $10 $20 $30
100 Words $25 $40 $60
200 Words $50 $70 $90
500 Words $150 $170 $340
1000 Words $300 $360 $680


VOICEOVER client reviews

“Wow that is amazing – it’s perfect Thank you – you read with such heart as it was meant and written 🙂 🙂 Very clear and articulate – the space between the stanzas – wow I love it Thank you :)”

Sarah Hunt

“Surprisingly fast. Very accommodating. Great results!”

Chuck Doon

“TK is the best. He delivered within a few hours. He was responsive and very professional. An experienced voiceover artist that I can afford. Will order more.”

Bikram Halder

“Quick, well spoken, capable of many conveying many emotions and great to deal with!”

Tessa Evans

“Wanted to bring some life into some of my friend’s poetry. TK was quick to deliver an awesome spoken word voice over. It was all I hoped for and more, so good!”

Eliot Ott

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do you use for your voiceovers?

I use any number of microphones in a professional acoustically treated environment. I tend to prefer condenser mics for voiceovers, but I will switch this up depending on the project. I use Logic Pro X and one hell of an iMac for editing and clean up work. Everything in my studio is very high end, except my chair….

Are your delivery speeds guaranteed?

Yes! I may delivery faster, but I will never miss a deadline that I was given all the required information for.

What time zone are you in?

I operate on New York City time (eastern). Keep this in mind, as I need to sleep just like everyone else every once in a while.

Do you do any accents?

I do a Manchester English accent, and stereotypical “New Jersey Guy” on request. If I didn’t, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be nearly as fun.

Can you pronounce Arabic, German, Japanese and Chinese names and words?

Yes! While I don’t speak these languages fluently, I am well versed well enough to use these words in an English voiceover with appropriate pronunciation.

How can I reach you?

You can email me anytime at 

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